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We see a rapid growth in the use of Local Businesses during and after Covid19, as restrictions will remain in place for months to come, in some form or another.

That is why we offer our website building services for local businesses. If you are a Pluimber, Electrician, Podiatrist, Lawyer, Carpet Cleaner or have ANY type of business, you need a website.  Aichatify, will build you a website specifically for the South African market. Chatify International will build you a website specifically for your market in the USA.

If you have a  business, you will also need to advertise it. Video Advertising is a GREAT way to get your products or services in front of potential clients. Vidmark Advertising will create the perfect video advertising campaign.

Another alternative for video advertising is Doodle Videos. these are videos that sketch ourt you products or services and are a VERY appealing advertising method. DUDL Video Creations will create the perfect, stunning Doodle video advertising campaign for you.


If COVID has caused you to lose your job, then working form home is a great way to generate a new income.

We have a number of great, low cost products that you can purchase to start your own business and wrk from home - just visit our Moneymakers page.

Once you have your own home business, or any business for that matter, you njeed visitors and traffic to your wensite. Check out our Lead Generation page for awesome, low cost products that you can buy and use to generate that much-needed traffic and build your database of Leads (potential customers).

Starting your own business is a danutiong task, so we have assembled some great Training and Information that will be useful to you.

Stayting healthy during this time is of utmost importance. We believe that a healthy body and mind will help keep you safe from the pandemic (including the preventative measures we all know about). Visit our Wellness section for some great selections.

AND FINALLY, we all LOVE Free stuff, so visit our FREE STUFF page to see if we have something for YOU!


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